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Welcome one, welcome 2, welcome all! I'll be your curator as I take you on a tour through this museum of TV Guide advertisements heralding the debuts of your favorite game shows!

The $10,000 Pyramid
(CBS debut, March 26, 1973)

The $10,000 Pyramid
(ABC debut, May 6, 1974)

The $25,000 Pyramid (with Bill Cullen)
(Syndicated, the week of September 12, 1974)

The (New) $25,000 Pyramid / Child's Play
(both CBS, September 20, 1982)

The Better Sex
(ABC, July 17, 1977)

Body Language
(CBS, June 4, 1984)

(The New) Card Sharks (with Bob Eubanks)
(CBS, January 6, 1986; ironic note: this replaced Body Language!)

Super Password
(NBC, September 24, 1984)

The Joker's Wild / The New Price Is Right / Gambit
(all CBS, September 4, 1972)

Family Feud (with Richard Dawson)
(ABC, July 12, 1976)

Family Feud (with Ray Combs)
(CBS, July 4, 1988)

(CBS, February 18, 1974)

Wheel Of Fortune
(NBC, January 6, 1975)

The Hollywood Squares (primetime edition)
(NBC, January 13, 1968)

The Cross-Wits
(Syndicated, December 15, 1975)

The $100,000 Pyramid
(Syndicated, September 9, 1985)

All-Star Secrets / Password Plus
(both NBC, January 8, 1979)

Give 'N' Take
(CBS, September 8, 1975)

The Gong Show (with John Barbour!)
(NBC, June 14, 1976)

Match Game PM
(Syndicated, the week of September 8, 1975)

Now You See It
(CBS, April 1, 1974)

Split Second
(ABC, March 20, 1972)

Pass The Buck
(CBS, April 3, 1978)

The Price Is Right (with Bill Cullen)
(ABC primetime debut, September 18, 1963)

The New Tic Tac Dough
(CBS, July 3, 1978)

Jeopardy! (primetime version)
(syndicated, January 7, 1984)

Love Connection
(syndicated, September 9, 1983)

Press Your Luck
(CBS, September 19, 1983)

The All-New Let's Make A Deal / Anything For Money / Jeopardy!
(all syndicated, September 17, 1984)

Wheel Of Fortune (primetime version)
(syndicated, September 19, 1983)

Wheel Of Fortune
(CBS debut, July 17, 1989)

Card Sharks (with Jim Perry) / The New High Rollers
(both NBC, April 24, 1978)

The Newlywed Game / The Dating Game
(both syndicated, September 4, 1978)

The Gong Show (nighttime edition)
(syndicated, September, 1976)

Wheel Of Fortune / Jeopardy!
(syndicated, 1992)

Let's Make A Deal
(NBC Debut, December 30, 1963)

Let's Make A Deal
(ABC Debut, December 30, 1968)

Let's Make A Deal
(ABC Primetime Debut, February 7, 1969)

Double Dare
(CBS, December 13, 1976)

(NBC, March 30, 1964)

The Gong Show (nightitme syndicated - With Gary Owens)
(September 24, 1976)

The Hollywood Squares" (nighttime syndicated)
(September 1976 when the show began airing mostly on the ABC owned and operated stations)


100 Grand
(9/15/1963 - "Now on the New ABC") (Central Virginia)

Truth Or Consequences
(1971 - Southern Florida edition)

The New Treasure Hunt
(Sept. 11, 1973 - premiere)

The Price Is Right (Dennis James)

Let's Make A Deal
(9/14/1973 - season premiere, an interesting shot of Monty)

Jeopardy/Treasure Hunt

Name That Tune
(9/11/1974 - premiere)

Masquerade Party
(9/13/1974 - with Richard Dawson)

The Joker's Wild/Bowling For Dollars

Name That Tune (with Kathie Lee Epstein)
(Syn.: 9/12/1977)

The Gong Show (with Gary Owens)
(Syn.: 9/24/1976)

The Gong Show (with Chuck Barris)
(Syn.: 1978)

High Rollers (with Elaine Stewart?)
(Syn.: 9/12/1975)


Thanks to Matt Ossinger, Jason Jones, Darryl Heine, David P. Johnson, David and Twyla Jackino for their friendly contributions!!!

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